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Американских сенаторов довели до истерики
Комментарий (22:55 23.09.2013):
Mike Nova comments: Build your new bright happy life according to your own "лекала" - patterns; but por favor not the Mr. Lukashenko style: not by the stolen patterns and not with the stolen goods and ideas (mostly the American ones), as you usually do... Come on "Pravda", get real!

Mike Nova comments: Build your new bright happy life according to your own "лекала" - patterns; but por favor not the Mr. Lukashenko style: not by the stolen patterns and not with the stolen goods and ideas (mostly the American ones), as you usually do. Related Links: ОТВЕТИТ ЛИ РОССИЯ МАККЕЙНУ? "ТОЧКА ЗРЕНИЯ" ПАВЛА ПОДЛЕСНОГО: Кроме того, Маккейн заявил, что желает гражданам России только самого лучшего, а именно свободы и другого президента. Если читать между строк, то та самая лучшая жизнь, которую желает увидеть в России пожилой сенатор, должна строиться на американских лекалах. Pussy Riot, дело Магнитского, оппозиция - темы, которые затронул Маккейн в своем письме. Mike Nova comments: The rest of this "interview" is incredibly boring. лукашенко лекала - GS:На том же Всебелорусском народном собрании в 2006 году Александр Лукашенко с высокой трибуны посоветовал руководителям легкой промышленности… воровать. «Кто, Сергей Сергеич, мешает нашим великим руководителям концернов, извините меня, украсть эти лекала за рубежом?», – без зазрения совести подал идею Сидорскому глава Беларуси. Премьер-министру оставалось лишь смущенно улыбаться. Застеснялась даже газета «Советская Белоруссия»: в отчете с Всебелорусского народного собрания слово «красть» она заменила на «купить». лекала translation - GS -P.S. I was not able to publish this comment in "Pravda" because it requested "authorisation", which implied not only learning everything about me and about my Facebook-friends (I agreed to this), but also "to post to them on my behalf" and "to manage my account". The same request was made in attempts for "authorisation" with Twitter, YouTube and other accounts. Quite naturally, I declined. And now talk about the "control" and the "Big Brother": come on "Pravda", get real! Do you still live in 1937, 1954, 1984 or 2013?This "Pravda" is really a very sad case: practically no one in Russia or abroad reads it. Mr. McCain's article is probably the best thing that has happened to this "newspaper" in modern times and I think they should appreciate and love him at least for this: that people paid some attention to this "publication" (in some opinions,  just "Surkov's parody of the original paper") at all! Related Links: Pravda - From Wikipedia"Pravda is witnessing hard times and the number of its staff members and print run has been significantly reduced." 


Сенатор Джон Маккейн: "Россияне заслуживают лучшего, чем Путин"
Комментарий (19:00 21.09.2013):

Mike Nova comments: http://east-and-west-org.blogspot.com/2013/09/president-putin-should-give-more-credit.html Mr. Putin, If you believe that whatever you say and do is so true, correct and convincing, why do you need to pay millions of dollars to public relations firms (almost two million dollars were paid to Ketchum just in the first half of this year) when so many people in Russia go plain hungry? Maybe this money would be better spent on establishing more soup kitchens in Russia and feeding the poor? Or do you not really believe that it is true, correct and convincing and prefer to influence and buy public opinion abroad to exercise "soft power" rather than to take care of your own people? 

За что американцы уважают Путина
Комментарий (18:37 21.09.2013):
Practice what you preach, Mr. Putin, both abroad and at home!OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR - NYTA Plea for Caution From RussiaWhat Putin Has to Say to Americans About SyriaBy VLADIMIR V. PUTINPublished: September 11, 2013-Comment by Mike Carlsbad, CA:"Under current international law, force is permitted only in self-defense or by the decision of the Security Council. Anything else is unacceptable under the United Nations Charter and would constitute an act of aggression."This statement alone makes me ignore this opinion piece. Isn't this from the same country that unilaterally decided to invade the independent country of Georgia? Is your advice "Do as I say, not as I do?", Mr. Putin?This statement alone makes me ignore this opinion piece. Isn't this from the same country that unilaterally decided to invade the independent country of Georgia? Is your advice "Do as I say, not as I do?", Mr. Putin?Sept. 11, 2013 at 9:56 p.m.-Mike Nova replies to this comment:Exactly! Practice what you preach, Mr. Putin, both abroad and at home! This article is just a part of your "active measures" propaganda program which you have started after your "reelection" to the very questionably legitimate and unprecedented in the practice of modern civilised states your third presidential term, paved by bending the law which you profess to respect so much. Morality and fairness start at home: free Pussy Riot and political prisoners of Bolotnaya Square protests; look into your "anti gay propaganda law" which led to people been killed on the streets. As for Syria, of course cooperation and working together is desirable and it is the preferred option, but it has to be honest and sincere and not just a delaying tactic. If the chemical weapons are not removed from the hands of the oppressive regime (and the main proof of its complicity, besides all the "material" proofs, is a common sense reasoning, indeed) they will be used again and exactly this circumstance "will result in more innocent victims and escalation", as you put it. Work in good faith with the US and the UN to remove and destroy these weapons, and it will be in everyone's "long-term interests"! These actions will speak much louder than any words and articles and hopefully will lead to fruitful cooperation in many other important matters. The threat of force must stay on the table, this is a practical reality, and as a very pragmatic politician, I am sure, you are aware of this yourself.America is blessed with its people, intelligent, reasonable and good natured. They do not rely on "brute force", they do not need a slogan “you’re either with us or against us.” America is different,it is exceptional and it is a model of democracy; we know that, and you know that, and you know that very well (your latest propaganda campaign notwithstanding). Not just because it is very strong but because it is very fair. Americans do not harbor any ill feelings towards Russia, Syria or any other country or people and they will always welcome the sincere and honest cooperation. America, as the leading country of the world (not just economically or militarily, but morally and as a leader of the alliance of free nations) does have a unique responsibility to its own people and to the peoples of the world. And this responsibility will be fulfilled, no matter what; words, articles or any other type of propaganda. And it is in Russia's best interests to share in fulfillment of these responsibilities and to aspire to become a truly free nation and to truly join the alliance of free nations, not just as a part of illusory G-7+1 group, but as an organic and full member of G-8, in all respects. It will not happen right away, it will take time and hard efforts and work, but historically it is the most natural way for Russia, and maybe the only way. If you see and realise this, it might be your historical chance to start moving along this road and towards this goal.This comment in its brief version was published in the NYT at the following address:http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/12/opinion/putin-plea-for-caution-from-russia-on-syria.html?comments#permid=105:6http://east-and-west-org.blogspot.com/2013/09/practice-what-you-preach-mr-putin-both.html Posted by at 9/12/2013 10:38:00 AM 
За что американцы уважают Путина
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"A wolf’s grin" - Reactions to Putin's NYT op-ed article: President Putin should give more credit to his audience: Russia will be judged by its actions | Putin's comments caused consternation among politicians and commentators in the United States | Boehner Says He Was 'Insulted' by Putin Op-Ed | Senator Robert Menendez, the chairman of the foreign relations committee, said on CNN he "almost wanted to vomit" when he read the op-ed at dinner on Wednesday | Ketchum has earned more than $25 million working for Russia | "A wolf’s grin" - by ROSS DOUTHAT - NYT: "Vlad": “Oh — and if I should need post-presidential career outside of Mother Russia, I think my Op-Ed sets me up nicely to become a columnist for your New York Times, no?”


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